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When you list your classic or antique wooden boat for sale on Internet's highest traffic site of its kind—you are tapping into LadyBen's highly targeted and qualified buyers every month. LadyBen has about 2.5 million page views per year! We advertise your wooden boat and buyers contact you directly. There is no commission on the sale!

"This is a great site, particularly considering the value. I would recommend it to anyone looking to sell their boat."

—Gavin Chalcraft
Sold Their Boat Because Of LadyBen

I have sold my boat through your website. I also had it listed on two other sites. However, yours was the most effective in generating qualified, genuinely interested prospects by far. I would neverlist a classic wooden boat on any other website again. And, most importantly, when I shop for one as I now am, I would make your site the Number One resource.

Sold Their Boat Because Of LadyBen

"We advertised our boat on several web sites along with newspaper ads and posters. Most of our responses came from"


—Jack & Ginny, Minnesota
Sold Their Boat Because Of LadyBen


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Location. Location. Location! In addition to the free listing available at LadyBen, you can now guarantee that your boat will be seen more times by more people. In fact, our stats show that Elite ads get 10 TIMES more clicks...that's people clicking on your boat ad to read your full boat listing.

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4 Prominent Ways The Elite Boat Listing Gets Your Boat Seen...

When you order your Elite Listing, we will use your supplied pictures to create display ads (artwork fee is included, valued at $67). These display ads will appear in prominent locations throughout the LadyBen website, including:

Prominent Way #1:
Your boat prominently advertised throughout the site
, including boat search results pages.

Here's a sample:

banner ad sample

Prominent Way #2:
Your boat featured on the Home Page.

Here's an sample of the custom designed ad your have in rotation on the home page:

fay bowen classic wooden boat for sale

Prominent Way #3:
Your boat included on the Gallery Page.

This is one of our most popular pages that people click to...See the Gallery for yourself by clicking on the Gallery tab at the top of this page!

Prominent Way #4:
Your boat featured in search results and on the home page rotation.

thompson classic wood boat for sale featuredWhen people are searching for a particular boat, if your boat matches their search, it will show at the top of the list, so it will be seen above all free ads. 

"I recieved over 1600 hits on my ad. The Lady Ben web site is one of the most complete easy to use listings on the web."

—Ken, Florida

TIP: We're seeing Boat sellers who upgrade to the Elite package get up to 10 X the clicks to their boat listing! More people looking means you'll sell your boat faster!


"Thanks to LadyBen we sold our boat. We got inquiries from all parts of the country so know that your site is being widely looked at."

—Linda and Bill, Montana


Choose your Package...




Pictures (in .jpg format) 6 6
Custom Banner Ad Views None 30,000+ page views over
3 months 
Featured in rotation on Home Page No YES!
3 months
Shown at the top of search results No YES!
3 months
Featured on Popular Gallery Page No YES!
3 months
2 Custom designed display ads shown throughout the site
($67 value)
n/a Included!
Commission never never
Price FREE! $142 USD

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TIP: The #1 key to getting your boat sold is having great pictures of it! Many buyers won't even look at a listing that doesn't have a picture. You can add your best 6 pictures to your listing.


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Please email or call if you have trouble with your login. You can pay for the Elite ad, and then create your account and add your boat, or if you already have a current boat listing, you can purchase the Elite listing at anytime to upgrade.

"I had a very unusual boat for sale and got a number of calls off of my ad in Lady Ben and eventually sold her off of a reference from the ad. Great site!"

—Bill, Texas

"Thanks to LadyBen my boat has been sold... Your site is wonderful. I had over 1000 hits and numerous calls. The first person to see the boat in person bought it on the spot. It's also a great place for wood boat aficionados to see other boats, compare values, and get helpful hints. Keep up the good work."

—Captain Bob, New York


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price listed a one-time price or per month?

The price listed above is a one-time price that covers your Elite listing for 3 months. It's easily the best value anywhere for getting your boat listed. The additional pictures for your detailed listing will remain for as long as you have your boat listed.

Who writes the text for the display ad?

The Display Ad will be similar to the one displayed at the top of this page. If you'd like, you can suggest what text to put in the ad. Otherwise, we're more than happy to create the ad based on the details you put in your boat listing.

What do you mean by "Display Ad"?

The display ads are "Banner Ads" that appear at the top and bottom of a page and areseparate from the actual boat listings. We have a number of different banner ads and yours will be displayed in rotation along with the others.

You are guaranteed at least 10,000 ad views a month!

What's a "view"?

A view is one display of your ad. So when we talk about 10,000 views, we mean your ad will be displayed to visitors 10,000 times.

What happens if I sell my boat before my 3 months are done?

You've proven targeted advertising works! The ad views are for 3 months or until you delist or sell your boat. When we mark your boat listing sold, we will deactivate your banner ads.

What if I want more than 3 months of banner ads?

Easy! You can renew your package. Just before your 3 months is up, we'll contact you to see if you want to renew. Renewals for 3 more months are $87 USD.

How quickly will my ad appear?

Your pictures will be up on your listing right away, and the Elite ads will be up within 3 business days.

If I don't like your standard ads, will you design something custom for me?

Sure! You can either supply us with artwork or we'd be happy to design a custom banner for you for $67 USD.

What if I can't email my pictures, can I mail you my pictures?

Sure! You can mail your pictures to us and we'll scan them and add to your boat listing for you for $47 USD for 6 pictures.

What if I need help with my boat listing?

We're here to help! Contact us at or call (608) 360-6520